W.E. 1930

Where the brand history born. The name has a double meaning, can be interpreted as “we”, the word that represents the founding couple of the brand, Greta and Franco, both as initials of the most iconic couple of the last 30s, Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII, who represent the inspiration of the designer couple. The brand wants to enhance the couple, creating in its collections many items in match and a unique style. Greta and Franco take inspiration from one of their greatest passions that unites them: travel. In fact, through the journey they come into contact with the most diverse cultures and transform their emotions and impressions into new collections. In fact, each collection has a precise meaning, with a place of inspiration and its own mood and for this reason their garments are spotlighted with name of cities.


The brand wants to represent the couple in all respects. With the unmistakable Italian style, its fine craftsmanship envied around the world and the exceptional attention to detail, the W.E. 1930 are initially designed by Greta and Franco, created according to the inspiration of the collection, to be then developed and made in the Venetian workshops of the brand, where they are handcrafted and made with experience and patience by the artisans. Every detail goes into the building of something uniquely luxurious, starting from the selection of the genuine Italian leather, to the creation of the paper models to the hand stitching and an accurate check before being boxed.


Their goal is to apply experience and dedication to the creation of the garments, supporting an important Italian benchmark, that is its craftsmanship. For the realization of their garments, they rely only on people with years of experience in the leather sector, so that the garments you buy are checked from every point of view and can only improve for years to come.